Purple Cauliflower Pizza Crust & Gourmet Toppings

I did it! I made purple cauliflower pizza crust! I’ve been making regular cauliflower pizza crust for a few months now, and even my fast-food-loving husband and daughter like it. I have been fascinated with purple cauliflower for some time now, and I wondered if the purple would retain its color if made into pizza crust.

Guess what? It does. It actually even deepens a little into a rich, royal purple. It makes the perfect canvas for some of the tastier and colorful pizza toppings I love. This recipe is about two things: health and beauty. I wanted to transform the cauliflower pizza crust into a thing of beauty, and I was able to.

The crust is made just like you would any old cauliflower pizza crust. I used The Lucky Penny’s recipe as a base and modified it a bit. Here are my ingredients:

1 large head purple cauliflower, steamed and riced
About 1/4 cup of Kraft Five Cheese Italian blend
1/3 cup Trader Joe’s herbed goat cheese Chevre
1 medium egg
sea salt and fresh crushed pepper medley to taste
About a half tsp each of garlic powder, dried basil & oregano

I steamed the cauliflower in my Hamilton Beach Steamer. I find this is a superior method to boiling it because it doesn’t pick up as much water, and retains the color, which is important in this dish. If you submerge this cauliflower in boiling water, don’t be surprised if you end up with pink cauliflower.

Once you steam the cauliflower and are waiting for it to cool, preheat the oven to 450 and pop whatever pan or stone you plan to use in there to preheat it, too.

After I let it cool completely, I riced the cauliflower in my teeny-tiny food processor in several batches. I pulsed the cauliflower for about 15 seconds for each batch. Put a thin dish towel in the bottom of a bowl and dump the riced cauliflower on the towel in the bowl. This will make it easy to wring the water from the cauliflower, a necessary step.



You want to wring and wring and wring until you have a tight little ball of cauliflower “dough.” Then dump that in the bowl, add the rest of the ingredients and mash together with your hands. I used the hand blender on mine first, and then finished with my hands.

Cauliflower dough

Transfer the crust to the an oiled piece of parchment paper. I used cooking spray on mine. Shape into any desired shape you want. I used a circle because my pizza pan in 12″ circled, but you could use a square pan, or do any shape you want on a pizza stone. One you have it to the desired thickness you like, put it in the oven for anywhere from 8-15 minutes depending on thickness.

Pre-baked crust

Pre-baked crust

I did 11 minutes this time, but next time I will leave it longer because it was thicker and could have been a bit firmer. I was still able to hold it, albeit very carefully, as opposed to eating it with a fork. Once it’s done in the oven, you are ready for your toppings. Isn’t a thing of beauty?



You could put pizza sauce on this pizza crust, but then you’d be covering up all that purple-y beauty. Tomato sauce is also likely to turn the crust magenta, due to acid in the tomatoes interacting with the anthocyanins in the cauliflower. I chose to forgo it this time in favor of some regular olive oil. I just squirted some on and very quickly spread it around using a BBQ brush. Then I added the following as toppings:

4 oz ground veal-chuck blend, cooked with onion, hamburger seasonings and oregano
1 piece of peppered bacon, chopped
6-8 leaves of fresh basil, sliced
About 5 halves of sun-dried tomatoes, sliced
2 baby Portobello mushrooms
a little thinly sliced purple onion
1/3 cup feta cheese
1/3 cup Kraft five Italian cheese blend
A little more oregano on top
a light sprinkling of more olive oil on top

Here’s the pie put together before baking:

Wait until you see the finished product!

Wait until you see the finished product!

If you think that looks good, wait until you see the baked pie. And taste it! OMG… I just popped in the already preheated oven at 450 for another 10 minutes and this is what happened.

I ate four pieces of this guilt-free. Why? Because 8 carbs! And fiber. OMG, the fiber.

I ate four pieces of this guilt-free. Why? Because 8 carbs! And fiber. OMG, the fiber.

Verdict: Delicious! I don’t know if these toppings are truly gourmet, but that seemed the best descriptor to me. You can use whatever you like, of course. Bon appétit!


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